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Chow Chile

So the end has come – of this year’s fellowship program and my blogging career. I can’t express enough gratitude to all the folks who made this possible and supported me. Special thanks to the EY Corporate Responsibility Fellowship Team, Prey Project, EY Chile, all the new friends made along the way and everyone back home. This has been a highlight in my professional career and I can’t wait to take what I’ve learned forward with me.

Chow Chile. Que te vaya bien.

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Street Speak

When you come to Chile, you will be forced to notice the quantity and caliber of street art aka: graffiti. While in most cities (and by most standards) the art form is considered vandalism, here it is sooo much more.

In Chile, the history of street art is rich and truly reflects the political and social struggles this country has endured. Many of the barrios in which you’ll find the most impressive work were once disenfranchised urban pockets which are now experiencing massive revitalization. The streets offer great social commentary on the best and worst of times straight from the source.

Part of what lends to the technical credibility of graf is the speed at which the work must be produced.  I am amazed at what these artists do within this constraint and had to document some works to share!

“Graffiti is not about clean lines, pretty colors and beautiful blends. Graffiti is my life’s turbulence exploded on a wall.”- Mint+Serf

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The future of voting?

My bags are packed, apartment’s clean, work is in able hands, cab is on it’s way and my vote is cast. I am officially ready to go. This election year is the first in which I cast an absentee ballot and I have to say it was a rather painless process! I was able to submit my forms and my ballot via email and complete the entire process within 2 weeks! I can now rest assured knowing that come November 6, my vote will be counted.

This process showed me that states vary widely in their absentee voting protocols and, lucky for me, D.C. is probably among the more flexible and provides plenty of options for sending in your vote (as it should be). However, as easy as the process was, I couldn’t help but wonder why it still wasn’t EASIER. We still rely so heavily on community groups hitting the streets grassroots style registering people to vote and then making sure they get to the polls and yet so many eligible and interested voters remain left behind. It got me thinking….if I can deposit a check using my cell phone without ever having to go to the bank then why can’t I register and cast my vote from my cell phone too???

So along came google search where I learned that Washington state is the first and -from what I’ve been able to find- only state to develop a voter registration app. It was done through public-private partnership (as most good things are) between the state, Facebook and Microsoft Corp

My opinion (and not those of Ernst & Young):

1. This is awesome and I hope that come next general election year every American can register and cast their vote from their phone, tablet or whatever the future of technology brings us.

2. The private sector needs to continue pushing this movement forward because states are too resource constrained to bear the costs.

3. Partnerships (like with Facebook) may impede independence of the state as many social media sites encourage and allow users to post their party affiliation and even donate through these avenues. Not only would such a thing add to the polarization and partisanship we all hate so much but could it even deter voters from participating at all??

Anyway, hopefully some techy folk (maybe even those expecting me in Santiago) will come along and revolutionize the game. Until then, I’m just glad to know that I can participate in this process with confidence that my vote will matter.

This morning we had our quarterly Risk Advisory Network Series which covered an unintentionally political series of topics including COSO framework changes, Kentucky Tax Reform and employer considerations with passing of the Affordable Care Act. Our Louisville Office Managing Partner, Dave Calzi, made a remark about business and community working in partnership that I think is appropriate to leave this audience with (if you’re even still reading):

“We as people in business have a significant say in what’s going on around us….through our vote and through our voice.”

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