Street Speak

When you come to Chile, you will be forced to notice the quantity and caliber of street art aka: graffiti. While in most cities (and by most standards) the art form is considered vandalism, here it is sooo much more.

In Chile, the history of street art is rich and truly reflects the political and social struggles this country has endured. Many of the barrios in which you’ll find the most impressive work were once disenfranchised urban pockets which are now experiencing massive revitalization. The streets offer great social commentary on the best and worst of times straight from the source.

Part of what lends to the technical credibility of graf is the speed at which the work must be produced.  I am amazed at what these artists do within this constraint and had to document some works to share!

“Graffiti is not about clean lines, pretty colors and beautiful blends. Graffiti is my life’s turbulence exploded on a wall.”- Mint+Serf

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