Week 1 @ Prey

Week one as a CR Fellow at Prey Project has not just surpassed my expectations, it’s blown them out of the stratosphere. In one week, I managed to get to know a fantastic Company and inspiring group of people, be interviewed on one of Latin America’s most popular tech sites and have my photo taken with the President of Chile!! I’m not sure if I’m a victim of the best dumb luck ever or if there is something deeper going on here….

I arrived at Prey on Monday and was immediately swept up in the creativity and innovation flowing through this place. This is the kind of company where you work your tail off but never take yourself too seriously. After a warm welcome from the Prey team, we got right down to business. The first few days were filled with discussion and collaboration as I poured over their existing financials, performance indicators and market research. I was able to get a behind-the-scenes look at how Prey’s software works and had some honest conversations about the Company’s goals and vision for the future.  The key takeaway: These guys are BUSY!!!

This small team does it all and they are doing it and doing it and doing it well! It’s no wonder they’ve been collecting some great press and recognition. Some of the highlights and most newsworthy moments of the semana include:

2012 Small Business Award Winner (PREMIO PYME 2012): Today the President of Chile awarded Prey the Chilean Small Business of the Year in the category of Innovation. The entire Prey team – including yours truly – attended the ceremony at La Moneda Palace (the equivalent of the White House). During the event, the President made some spot on remarks on the role of entrepreneurs (namely small & mid-size companies) in creating jobs and advancing the quality of life for a nation’s people.

Live WebTV cast on Mejorando.la: On Thursday, Prey was the featured guest on Mejorando – one of Latin America’s premier tech review and education sites. Due to some truly dumb luck, I was able to participate in the show and share some information on the Corporate Responsibility Program and what working with Prey has been like thus far. This site has a hardcore international following and it was a blast connecting with them!

WRAL Segment on Prey: For those of you who may not still understand what Prey does or how it’s useful to anyone looking to minimize the burden of theft/loss of your tech devices, this segment on WRAL really lays it out! The story goes into detail on how Prey solved a burglary that took place at a North Carolina home while the couple was on their honeymoon. Check it out!

I can safely say that this week has officially made it to the hit list of “best weeks ever.”

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4 thoughts on “Week 1 @ Prey

  1. Tami, I’m so glad you’re enjoying yourself! Love the LLCoolJ reference too 🙂

  2. Count on you to pick up on the reference! Santiago has been great so far. Thanks for all your recos. I’m slowly but surely making my way through them!

  3. Kelley Bright

    First Turley- now the President of Chile- what could be next? Just so happy it’s living up to your dreams- have fun and make a difference.

  4. Rupa

    So impressive and fun!

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